diy wedding veil instructions

Instructions DIY Your own Wedding Veil

These instructions relate to Candice Corded Edge Veil, Carys Pearl Scatter Veil, Chelsea Ribbon Edge Veil, Courtney Lace Edge Veil.

The kit comes with the precut veil, with ready stitiched trim, and separate 7cm comb.
You will need : Pins, needle and white thread, tape measure
Short Two Layer Veil
1. Remove the veil from the packet carefully, and you will observe a middle point from the way that the veil is folded. Hold this above your head, whilst standing in the mirror, and decide how long or short you would like your two layers to be. You can move the layers up and down as you wish. Some brides wear the two layers the same length, though most choose to wear one slightly shorter than the other. Remember to allow enough length in the top layer to go over your face, if you intend to pull the veil forward as you walk down the aisle.
2. When you are happy with the length, mark the centre point with a pin. Now lay the veil on a flat surface, and use a tape measure to make sure that your pin is in the dead centre, by measuring either side with a tape measure. make your own wedding veil
Now measure 3.5cm either side, and mark with a pin, This is where you are going to attach your 7cm wide wedding veil

3. Double thread your needle with about 2m of white thread, and run a row of running stitch along the 7cm where your pins are, then double back on yourself until you have a solid line along the edge of your veil.

4. Keep your needle threaded, and you can now simply attach your comb. Make sure to attach it to the right side of the veil. The comb sits inside your veil, so that the comb can be pushed down into the ivory short wedding veil

5. Simply sew through each loop. When you get to the end, turn around and go back the other way. Finish the end securely.

The top of your veil where it is sewn onto the comb will more than likely not be seen, as it will pushed down into the hair, so it is fine to leave it plain.

Otherwise you can pretty it up, by sewing or glueing on a piece of ribbon. You could go a step further and glue sequins, pearls or flowers on to the ribbon.

Your veil will sit quite flat on the head using the above method, which is what a lot of brides like these days.If you would like a slightly more bouffant veil, please follow the following instructions. 

Simply measure further out from your centre pin at the start, we recommend 15 cm each side. When doing your running stitch, gather the veil as you go.

At the end, make sure your gathers are even, and that the total distance across your seam is 7cm, so that it fits onto the comb. Then double back through your gathers to make them more secure, and now attach your comb. Go back and fore through the loops to make the comb secure.

See below how the veil on the left has been sewn flat onto the comb, and the veil on the right has been gathered before being put on the comb. There is no right or wrong way, it is simply a matter of preference. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions on We are not sewing experts, but we do have years of experience with veils in general, we will try to help!

See Rock My Wedding Cathedral Veil Tutorial if you decide to go this totally alone without the kit.