Wedding earrings to suit your bridal gown

We are often asked by our brides for advice on how to choose the right wedding earrings to suit their bridal gown. Often bridal earrings are left until the very last minute, which is perhaps not wise, as no matter which wedding photos you choose to keep around your home for the rest of your married life, there is bound to be a close up headshot, and the earrings often form an important part of the wedding style that you will choose for your big day. 

There are a number of points you may want to consider when choosing your bridal earrings. Firstly, think about the style of your wedding gown, and what sort of earrings will add to the general look or style that you are trying to achieve. When we staged our Live Video this week, we chose a pair of vintage style bridal earrings to go with the Catherine Deane gown that was on the model. Bridal Earrings Teardrop Pearl Art Deco Vintage Caroline £24.99 is teamed with Grace Retro Vintage Bridal Sash £19.99.

You may want to consider whether your favourite jewellery type is silver or gold, pearl or crystal, when deciding on your wedding earrings. And whether you want your earrings to play centre stage as part of your wedding jewellery, or just to add the finishing touches. Do you opt for simple pearl studs, or more dramatic crystal drop earrings as a statement look? 

Camilla, simple pearl stud earrings for a classic elegant wedding look

Only £9.99

Carmen, long drop wedding earrings art deco styling

only £19.99

Obviously if you have already chosen other wedding accessories in a particular colour or style, you will want your earrings to be in keeping with these. You may have opted for rose gold wedding hair accessories, so you will probably want your earrings to match. We showed our model with Large rose Gold Hair Comb Bella and coordinating Gold Pearl Drop Wedding Earrings Cleo


Crystal Drop Earrings



Vintage Heart Drop 



Antique Art Deco


Your wedding earrings might be a piece of jewellery you can wear again, on honeymoon for example, so make sure you love them, and that they suit your personality and the wedding style that you are going for overall.

Live Video

We talked about how to choose your wedding earrings this week on our Live Video, we hope you liked our suggestions. Let us know what you think.