Silver or gold earrings, which are you going to choose for your wedding?

These pretty crystal drop earrings come in a choice of gold or silver, for only £14.99. Have you thought about which metal you are going to accessorise your wedding gown with yet? 

When a bride asks my opinion on what jewellery she should wear for her wedding, I often start by asking whether she normally prefers gold or silver jewellery as a rule. Most people have a favourite. Often one will  suit your skin tone better than the other. 

Consider also the colour of your gown. Often gold works better with the creamier tones, and silver with the cooler whiter tones. Take a moment to step back, and consider what overall look you are trying to create.

 Are your earrings going to be a main statement part of your look, or are you wearing lots of other accessories, and therefore need to keep your earrings smaller and more simple? Remember that sometimes less is more, which is why these Charlie earrings can be so perfect at adding a touch of glamour, whilst not stealing the show away from your gown!

Pearls anyone?

Some brides feel that wedding jewellery isn't complete without a touch of pearl. These Caleigh earrings offer silver and crystal with a subtle pearl drop to finish.

Also £14.99

Take a look at some of the more Statement earrings that we have in our Mid Season Sale at the moment. There are many different styles to choose from. You can make a huge impact from as little as £7.49!


Now £7.49 



Now £7.49


November 08, 2018 by Awen Evans