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Silver is always a sensible option, when choosing pashminas or any type of Winter cover up for all your bridesmaids. You can't go wrong with a neutral colour, as it will work with most shades, and will suit many different skin tones. After all, if you have spent ages picking out bridesmaids dresses, do you really want to cover them up, except when everyone is really feeling the cold?

White, cream, black, beige or gold are also worth considering as neutral colours for your bridesmaids. And it's always lovely to think that your ladies will be able to wear them again for future events. 

Black pashmina


Beige pashmina


When choosing cover ups for your bridesmaids, consider that they may only wear them for a short while. Perhaps only whilst they are standing around outside waiting for photos, or at the end of the day, when the weather turns a little colder. We keep our pashminas at £9.99, because we know that you may have to purchase multiples, and the cost of kitting out all of your bridesmaids can go up and up. We also offer discounts on multipacks.

Discounts on multipacks!

All of the neutral colours are available in multipacks, saving you money as you shop.

Choose from white, cream, black, beige or silver.

We love saving you money!