Autumn Winter Weddings

Ideas for Autumn Weddings was the subject of our special Live Video this week. We talked through some ideas on colour schemes for Autumn Winter, and especially covered the topic of how to stay warm on your wedding day. There's a nip in the air, and our brides are starting to be concerned with how to cover up for themselves and their bridesmaids. 

Let's start with colour schemes. Don't you just love the Autumn colours that are available once the leaves start to turn on the trees? There's a real depth to these colours, the velvet greens, the aubergine purples, the deep coral reds. 

Are you guilty like me of thinking that flower crowns are only meant for Summer weddings and festivals? Cerys points out to us in the video that flower crowns can be very much part of an Autumn Winter wedding. She teamed an ivory flower crown with a deep dark green bridesmaid dress. I think a coral flower crown could also be introduced to an Autumn wedding, particularly if you wanted to highlight some warm burnt orange tones.

When you're planning your hair accessories and jewellery for a Winter wedding, you may want to consider the warmer tones. Rose gold hair accessories can be a winner for sure. We teamed a Gold Wedding Hair Wire with a cream lace wedding gown, and completed the look with  Gold Pearl Drop Bridal Earrings Cleo.

Gold Wedding Hair Accessories

Gold wedding hair wire, with diamante and crystal floral detailing. Consider gold wedding accessories for your Autumn wedding, they often work very well with the warmer tones of Autumn Winter colour schemes.

Jessica £12.99

Of course the main question for Autumn Winter brides is how will I keep warm on the day? And how will I keep my bridesmaids warm? Have you considered a faux fur shrug or jacket? They normally come in a soft ivory colour,a nd so will work with most bridal gowns. The fur wrap can be worn over your gown as you walk down the aisle, or simply given to a trusted member of your party to hand to you when you are outside having photos taken. Either way a faux fur stole will look very glamorous, and will certainly keep the chill off. 

Fur cape


Fur jacket


Fur wrap


Pashmina Shawls are also a consideration as a cover up for the bride, bridesmaids or wedding guests. They come in a variety of colours, but the neutrals such as white, cream, silver or beige generally work best, as they can tone in with any colour schemes. 

if you don't feel that you want to cover up your wedding gown completely, you may just opt to have a pashmina within reach in cream or white for when you most need it. Of course these days many weddings take place in toasty warm hotels and special wedding venues, and not in cold draughty churches, so think the day through before you consider what you need. If the weather is very cold or wet, chances are that many of your photos will be taken inside, so you may not need a heavy cover up at all. 

The pashminas can be bought at a discount if you're buying larger quantities, consider buying some for all of your bridesmaids. Or even for all of your wedding guests, if you want to make sure that everyone stays warm?