Wedding Dress Belts Sashes

Many of our brides ask us for advice on how to choose a wedding dress belt or sash to match their gown. It is such an important decision, and it can make quite a difference to the final look of your bridal gown.

Bridal sashes are the perfect way to add that extra touch of sparkle to your wedding gown. A belt can draw the eye to the waist, always the best way to make the most of your figure. And I've yet to meet a bride who didn't want to look their slimmest on their wedding day!

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best bridal sash for your wedding dress. 

1. Decide how wide you would like the sash. Most belts consist of a trim sewn onto a ribbon, but they can vary quite a lot as to how far round the waist they go. Generally this will be a matter of personal taste, but it may also depend on how much sparkle you want to see on the dress. Here are two examples of bridal belts, Fleur is much narrower than Annabel as you will see. 

Fleur Bridal Sash

Fleur has a beautiful trim which focuses very much on the centre of the waist. It looks great with a simple lace or plain wedding gown, and certainly makes a statement without being over the top.

Annabel Bridal Sash

Annabel bridal sash takes the trim right across the front of the gown, and finishes at either side of the waist. Perfect if you love a bit more sparkle, and feel that your gown can take that extra bit of detail.

2. Consider how much sparkle you want to add to your bridal gown. Are you a magpie who loves all that glitters? Go for the belt with the maximum sparkle. If  "understated" is your middle name, opt for a belt in the same style. 

Helena bridal sash

For maximum sparkle, choose Helena, you'll love the bling! £19.99

Grace bridal sash

Grace bridal sash has a more understated vintage look. £14.99

3. Think about what colours are going to work best with your gown, bridal sashes are available mostly in silver tones, although there are some gold and rose gold options. 

Rose gold wedding dress belt

Daisy is a beautiful vintage bridal wedding dress belt, with rose gold and crystal detailing on an antique ivory ribbon tie. 

Silver crystal wedding dress belt

Florence is a beautiful bridal wedding dress belt, Ivory Pearl and Crystal with ribbon tie. Will complement any bridal gown. 

4. Consider whether you have any other detailing on your gown which you need to match your belt to. Perhaps you have some pearl or crystal detailing on your gown, which you would like your belt to complement. Some bridal sashes have only crystal detailing, but many have pearl beads also. Some bring in floral detailing. Think about which you prefer, and which will complement your gown best. 

Flora Sash

Beautiful bridal wedding dress belt, ivory floral pearl and crystal detailing on ribbon tie. 

Sophie Sash

Beautiful bridal wedding dress belt, intricate vintage crystal detailing with ribbon tie. 

Scarlett Sash

Beautiful bridal wedding belt, intricate vintage crystal detailing at centre to accentuate waist.

5. Consider how you are going to wear the sash on your dress. Most brides use the ribbon ties to make a bow at the back. It can look very pretty, and add an extra touch of interest to the back of the gown, as you walk down the aisle. Remember this is the first view of your gown that most guests will see. 

If this doesn't work for the style of your gown, ask your seamstress to cut the ribbon, and sew the ends directly into the seams at the back of the gown.

6. The colour and depth of the sash can vary. Some ribbons are more creamy, others more ivory. The colour doesn't have to match perfectly, sometimes a contrast makes more of a statement. 

Wedding belt on cream ribbon

The ribbon on this Poppy wedding dress belt is a little more creamy, so may go well with a vintage lace wedding dress.

Wedding belt on ivory ribbon

The ribbon on Ruby wedding dress sash is on the lighter side of ivory. It matches most wedding dresses very well. 

Thin wedding dress belt diamante

The Kelly thin bridal sash is only 1.5cm deep, and goes right around the waist, particularly nice on softer flowing bridal gowns.

7. Remember, it is also possible to take the trim off the ribbon, and to have it sewn directly on to the front of the dress, this can be the perfect solution if you can't find a ribbon that will match your gown at all. 

Let us know if you have any questions on the subject of wedding dress belts or sashes, we will always try to help. we operate a 14 day return policy, if you wish to try a belt with your gown to see if it suits.