We have new hair vines in store for Spring!

We find that many of our brides now want something a little less formal for their hair these days. It seems important to have something in your hair for the big day, but often you don't want to look as if you've gone over the top. Of course, it depends very much on the gown that you have chosen, and the general feel of the wedding, but if you like the idea of a laid back or more vintage boho feel, you will probably love these new hair vines! 

Here are a couple of our favourites, in gold, and in silver.

They are so easy to wear, and can be worn with hair up or hair down. They come with 2 matching hair grips, so they can be easily pinned in, and are generally woven into the hair, for a more informal look. You can also thread a ribbon through the holes at each end, if you prefer to tie the vine into your hair, and have the ribbons on show.






March 30, 2017 by Emma Jenkins